My Fees

I believe in transparent and fair pricing to provide you with the best value for your investment. My flexible pricing structure is designed to accommodate various project scopes, ensuring that you receive tailored solutions for your needs.

I Offer

  • Per-Project Pricing: after discussing your requirements, we can agree on a price for the whole project.
  • Retainer Work: a retainer may be the best solution if you have consistent needs, e.g. a monthly newsletter or daily social media updates. It also means I can provide ongoing support or services each time without needing a new contract.

Payment Terms

  • Per-Project Pricing: new clients or once-off large projects require a 75% deposit, and payment is due on receipt of the invoice. For  subsequent projects with new clients, I will require the full charged amount to be settled at the end of every month.  
  • Retainer Work: once we have agreed on a work schedule, a quote will be created based on your requirements. The first month will be considered a trial period, with 50% required upfront and the remaining balance owed at the end of the month. Thereafter, all work must be paid in advance.

I quote in US Dollars because it is a widely recognised global currency and remains mostly stable. Charging in USD is convenient when using international payment platforms.

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